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For each of the characters in the story, Rebecca went through a series of development stages that she would forward to me for approval. This was an amazing experience as the talents of Rebecca brought the characters to life!


The first comments, sent in an email 12/20/2003, from Rebecca after she received my manuscript!

 "WOW!  What a great story!!! I can see why you'd be antsy to get it rolin'!! IT'S GREAT!!!! While I was reading it, I did get several ideas about the characters, however, I have no way of knowing if they follow what you had in mind, but i figured it never hurts to try out different styles.  I did come up with a sketch of what I had visualized in the scene where she receives Dasha and Kiesha.  It's in pencil, and it is a quick sketch, but I though it might help to give you a better idea of my style.  My skills have very much improved since the Wyandotte Hospial windows.  I was 17 then! Goodness, seems like yesterday.  Anyhow, your story is great, and I'm sure it will be a beautiful book indeed!!" By Rebecca 

The first sketch of Orrena and the Final sketch after Rebecca meet our Stephanie

Similar to Disney Animators, Rebecca and I would research animals unique to the Northern Arctic Region. After studying the appearance of these real animals, Rebecca would animate them accordingly.This was awesome to watch!

I am definitely not a graphic artist, lol. After the heartfelt positive responses from elementary students, I tried to create images of the characters to show at future readings

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